Kuhn S.A., Impasse des Fabriques, 67700 Saverne, France

Outstanding warehouse organization with seven Hänel Lean-Lifts® and three Hänel Multi-Space® 3-axis storage systems

Precise warehousing that sets standards: More than 33,000 items are organized and managed with a remarkably low error rate of only 0.1% for over 100,000 movements!

Kuhn is one of the world leaders in agricultural technology. Headquartered in Saverne and with a global presence, Kuhn is renowned for its high-quality products, technological advances and dedicated customer support.

At the company’s main plant, seven Hänel Lean-Lifts® and three Hänel Multi-Space® 3-axis storage systems serve as the central tool provision. These systems precisely manage and organize more than 33,000 different tools and pieces of work equipment.

Flexible storage for a diverse range of tools

These consist of a wide range of parts, ranging from extremely small to large and heavy tools. Hänel’s extremely versatile and flexible lifts provide both sufficient space for storing a vast range of tool types and also enable structured organization together with easy access to the required parts.


Precise access through unique storage location identification

One key factor behind the remarkably low error rate of only 0.1% for over 100,000 movements per year is the softwarecontrolled organization of all items in the Hänel storage systems. The intelligent storage location management in conjunction with the Hänel tray and compartment display has enabled Kuhn to implement rapid and uncomplicated processes. This helps to effectively prevent picking errors.

Smart warehouse management for inventory security and easy operation

The IBO ERP software enables Kuhn to effectively manage all of the items via one central system. This system operates in combination with PISTAR warehouse management software developed by FORM-EL. The Hänel MP 12 N controller operating in HostWeb mode enables PISTAR to communicate directly with IBO via a SOAP interface and automatically assigns the storage locations of the items within the various Hänel storage systems. This smart connection enables employees to simply request the required tools via the terminal using a graphical container overview. These tools are then transported to the removal points of the respective Hänel lifts by remote control. Employees benefit from optimized operations and perfect information availability thanks to this seamless integration of the warehouse management and the lift systems.

This enhances both productivity and accuracy. The seamless warehouse management ensures perfect inventory control and also simplifies access to the required materials and tools.

Space savings in the production department

Hänel’s intralogistics solution optimizes the space usage, enabling the creation of efficient workspaces on the valuable production floor space. Instead of traditional shelves arranged horizontally, the vertical lifts have a small footprint and make the best possible use of the available height. Space savings are one of the outstanding features of the Hänel vertical lift concept. These space savings help to maximize storage space and make optimum use of production areas. This extensive, automated tool storage facility is located in the tool preparation area itself, enabling a seamless workflow while supplying the entire production chain.

Effortless removal of heavy loads using the Hänel Multi-Space®

Three Hänel Multi-Space® storage systems are located at the rear of Kuhn’s central tool dispensing area. These storage systems provide additional removal points and allow the employees to conveniently access the massive storage volume.

Especially when it comes to handling heavy loads, Hänel provides the perfect solution for ergonomically designing the working environment with view toward maximum comfort and efficiency. The Hänel Multi-Space® 3-axis storage lifts are equipped with folding support rails and crane runways, enabling ergonomic and efficient handling when performing warehouse operations.

Fast spare parts shipping – worldwide

Fourteen Hänel Lean-Lifts® serve as dispatch warehousing at Kuhn Parts’ logistics center in Monswiller, where they ensure the reliable provision of spare parts. These 9.4 m high Hänel Lean-Lifts® make optimum use of the available space. The precise storage location identification in combination with an intelligent management system enables the company to guarantee a high level of inventory security and provide customers with rapid access to spare parts.

Numerous Hänel storage systems tailored to a wide range of requirements enable Kuhn to highly optimize its warehouse processes and simultaneously guarantee effective inventory management. With Hänel’s intralogistics solutions, Kuhn can successfully increase its productivity, reduce errors.

"Hänel’s intralogistics solutions enabled us to transition from multiple static storage locations and a just-in-time process with low inventory transparency to a highly compact automated warehouse model which has drastically reduced our downtimes and bottlenecks."

Marc Lorentz,
Central tool manager