BCF Belgian Cycling Factory, 3583 Beringen, Belgium

Rising demand for bicycles during the coronavirus pandemic

Thanks to the intralogistics solution from Hänel, Belgian Cycling Factory is able to respond to rising demand for bicycles

Belgian Cycling Factory (BCF) is the largest maker of bicycles in Belgium. During the many lockdowns that have occurred as a result of the corona pandemic, many consumers have discovered bike riding as an alternative to their usual leisure activities. This trend has had an impact on BCF. Thanks to an intralogistics solution from Hänel, the bicycle manufacturer has been able to keep up with the dramatic rise in consumer demand for bicycles.

Space-saving storage for up to 80 tons of inventory

Four Hänel Lean-Lifte® systems at the company site near Hasselt each have a height of more than 9 meters and serve two building floors, acting as a bridge between incoming goods and the bicycle assembly area. The lift systems provide maximum storage volume within a small footprint. The four lift systems can accommodate up to 80 tons of bicycle parts such as saddles, handlebars, gear components, etc. The flexible Hänel multifunction containers allow for the neat and space-saving organization of diverse items.

The lift systems are operated with the compact Hänel MP 14 N controller which has a wide range of functions and is easy to use. HänelSoft®-N and the company’s Navision ERP software are linked together for warehouse management so that all inventory data is always updated and available throughout the company. This interface also allows for remote operation of the Hänel lift systems.

Parallel picking on two floors

Incoming goods are received in the basement of the BCF building. These bicycle components are registered in Navision and then automatically assigned storage locations inside the Hänel Lean-Lift® systems. The lifts then transport the appropriate containers to the access point, where the Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators show precisely where the assigned storage positions are located. Thanks to a second access point on another floor of the building, items stored in the Hänel Lean-Lift® systems are brought to the areas where they are needed. The Hänel high-speed door enables parallel picking on both floors of the building.

Employees on the upper floor retrieve items from four access points – these items are needed for production processes. The parts and components for bicycle assembly are then placed on picking carts. The pick lists are generated in the Navision ERP system.

The Hänel intralogistics solution saves time and money

Thanks to the “goods to man” principle, employees do not need to walk long distances, time is saved and picking efficiency is boosted dramatically.

In addition to first-class functionality, the lifts feature premium finishes which make for an attractive appearance that enhances the workplace environment.

Belgian Cycling Factory can address customer requirements quickly and efficiently thanks to support from Hänel storage systems.

In addition to enormous space savings, the flexible software interface to Navision was a decisive factor in choosing the Hänel storage solution.

Belgian Cycling Factory plans to double its production capacity over the next two years. Hänel Lean-Lift® systems play a key role in this decisive step toward optimized production processes.

Jochim Aerts,
CEO & Owner – Belgian Cycling Factory