The controller for fast connectivity to your inventory management system

The quick and easy way to connect our storage units to your inventory management system

The control keypad with touchscreen operation offers optimal ergonomics for processing jobs. The pick and put orders are generated in the storage management system and passed on to the warehouse in data form. The orders are then processed at the storage lift(s) in route-optimized sequence.
The controller buffers up to 5,000 list items. With the pre-positioning option, all the lifts in an order picking group are positioned simultaneously. Each confirmed pick or put operation is reported back to the storage management system as an inventory booking.
Data exchange between the lift and the ERP system via FTP or CIFS file transfer. The integrated web server offers the option of displaying the buffer contents directly on the controller or via an external PC browser according to various criteria.

The pluses

  • Simultaneous operation of all systems is possible.
  • File interface for storage and retrieval orders (pick lists) or individual data records.
  • Data conversion and automatic, time-controlled data exchange. n Route-optimized processing of orders, even across multiple Hänel storage systems.
  • Data field display or input at the lift can be individually configured.

Processing data records

The data records contain the storage and retrieval information such as job number, part number, storage location and quantity. Processing is sequential or prioritycontrolled.

Configuration software
The configuration software is used to enter the setup data (once only) for the MP 12 N-HostData:

  • the parameters for integration into the network infrastructure
  • adaptation of the interface to the customer-specific data format
  • definition of the time intervals for each data import or export.