Maximum picking speed with two Hänel Lean-Lifts® in parallel operation

Higher performance with extractor prepositioning on several lift systems

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is known for its extremely fast speed which supports efficient picking processes. Performance is also boosted by additional features like the access priority factor, which makes sure that frequently requested containers are always positioned close to the access point. Furthermore, the Hänel optimization cycle can improve storage operations through enhanced access time.

Maximum performance for high demands

In many areas, such as e-commerce order fulfillment and shipping, the requirements for picking rates are very high. Picking speed can be boosted dramatically by operating two or more Hänel Lean-Lift® systems simultaneously.

Parallel operation is possible when inventory items are distributed across several lift systems. The Hänel microprocessor controller centrally manages the item storage positions and coordinates the sequence of transport commands.

When a picking order is started, each lift simultaneously transports the requisite containers to the ergonomic access points. After picking the item from the first lift, the user can go directly to the second lift and retrieve the item at that access point. In the meantime, the extractor in the first lift is already bringing the next container into position for picking. Time and routing are optimized in this process. Parallel operation of two Hänel Lean-Lift® systems means that there are no waiting times.

In fact, the time saved is a great advantage when compared with extra-wide vertical lifts or those with a dual access point. There is also no limit on the height of the items in storage – and that is an additional advantage.

How the prepositioning principle works

1. A job having four different pick positions is started with the lift controller. The extractor in the left Hänel Lean-Lift® brings the first container (blue) to the access point.

2. While the user picks items from the first container (blue), the next container (green) is already prepositioned in the second access point.

3. The user confirms item retrieval from the blue container and then moves directly to the green container. In the meantime, the blue container is automatically transported back to its storage location and the third container (red) is moved to the access point.

4. As before, the user confirms the pick from the right lift and immediately moves over to the left lift to pick items from the fourth container (red) which is waiting there.

5. The yellow container for the final pick is already in the right access point and waiting for the user – the red container in the left lift is returned to storage.


Parallel operation of two Hänel Lean-Lift® systems means no waiting times. This is a great advantage when compared with extra-wide vertical lifts or those with a dual access point. The much higher performance considerably boosts efficiency and delivers a quick return on investment.