29 years of the Hänel Profile Wall®

pioneering design for efficient space usage

Design on the outside, function on the inside – the Hänel Profile Wall® has been setting standards in vertical lift technology since 1994

For decades, the unmistakable Hänel Profile Wall® has exemplified the exceptional industrial design of the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Multi-Space®. The distinctive profile structure gives Hänel vertical lifts a unique aesthetic while highlighting their technical sophistication.

An ingenious development! The Hänel grid profile

The integrated grid profile with 75 mm increments enables the precise positioning of containers while also maximizing the compact storage volume. The combination with the Hänel space-saving profile enables optimum storage of containers with a diverse range of heights in the lift. Hänel’s intelligent system measures the product height when it is put into storage and then positions the container on the Hänel Profile Wall® to minimize the space requirements.

Typical Hänel design on the outside – a high-strength profile system on the inside!

This combination of Hänel’s space-saving profile, height measurement and the Hänel Profile Wall® enables flexible and specific storage of the goods while simultaneously maximizing the storage space usage to maintain compact dimensions. The Hänel Profile Wall® is manufactured using a special process to produce a high-precision, single-piece component. Thanks to this process, the grid profile in the Hänel Lean-Lift® is designed to provide high load-bearing capacity and robustness and also enables quick and uncomplicated assembly.

Thoroughly convincing: the highly robust Hänel Profile Wall®

Over the last 29 years, the Hänel Profile Wall® has more than proven its qualities. The highly robust and precise Hänel Profile Wall® is permanently connected to the square profiles during assembly, enabling loads of up to 60,000 kg per Hänel Lean-Lift®. The unmistakable Hänel Profile Wall® exemplifies the quality and durability of Hänel lifts and guarantees reliable and safe storage capable of handling a vast range of requirements.

The Hänel Profile Wall® represents the ideal combination of functionality and design!